Monday, April 8, 2013

EVS experience in Romania

When I first arrived in Romania, I didn’t know what to expect.  I was quite stressed about what was going to happen. Soon I found out that there was no reason to be worried at all!
I work as a care volunteer in two houses for 4 - 14 year old children. Basically, I play and spend time with them.  I try to teach them some English words and in return, they would try to teach me some Romanian words. For example: şurubelniţă (screw driver), dumneavoastră (you formal), domnişoară (Miss), cal (horse) and cinci (five).They find my pronunciation quite funny, so they like it…
Then there was the piano. I got the idea to do a small music project with the children in order to teach them some songs and let them explore what it is like to make music by yourself. Although most of the kids didn’t have the patience to learn a whole song, a few managed to play Jingle Bells and Old McDonald. Whenever I hear them playing it, I’m filled with joy.
Twice a week I go to Sacele, another village nearby Brasov, to assist in creative workshops with children. Although I don’t know the kids very well, I noticed that there are a lot of similarities with the children from the houses. The work in the houses in Tarlungeni and in Sacele is very rewarding for me.
Apart from the work, there’s the new culture and the fact that you meet people from all over the world. You learn a lot of new things, especially because most of the volunteers who come to Romania share the interest of cultural differences.
I’m staying 6 more weeks and I hope the future will be as good as the past! 

by Marjolein Schutz  

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