Monday, May 27, 2013

Greek Agenda

From 20th to 26th  March 2011 I went to Greece for a Comenius project. We were 7 people, 2 students, myself and 4 teachers from our school. We left Rome at about 09.30 and when we landed in Salonic. I met Nicholas , the student who would be hosting me in his house in Filyro , a small village 10 km form Salonicco. Nicholas hosted me in his house for a week: the first day I stayed at his house for a bit where we watched TV, played with his XBOX . In the afternoon Nicholas brought me on a tour of Filyro , and in the evening we had dinner and we went to sleep. On the second day we all met all at School and I got to know all the students from Portugal, Poland, Greece and Turkey. Together we visited the school and later we went to a Church and then to Salonicco. In the evening we all went to a Cafeteria and we toured Filyro . On the third day we visited 2 museums in Salonicco and after reaching the Tower of Salonicco ’on foot , we had lunch
at MacDonald’s and later, we walked across half the city reaching the Turkish consulate. After this trip everyone went home to change and to rest and in the evening we all met at Thodwra’s
house (a student) where we spent the evening.
On the fourth day we all met at school, because the school had organized a big party for us so we danced, ate, and played football. We returned home and we rested and later we wen tto a big school in Salonicco, and then to the city’s biggest mall, Here we ate, and bought a few things. On the fourth day we visited a museum out of town , and later we went to mount Olympus, toured a little village, then went to the sea, where we walked on the beach, ate ice‐cream and took photos. The fifth day (25.03.2011) was an important day in Greece, because on that day a parade is organised . After that we went to a Café, where all of the students and teachers from the comenius project received the certificates of attendance. In the evening we all met at a student’s house and we stayed until midnight and said goodbye to each other. It was a bad time for all us, we were all crying. The last day was the saddest of my life, in the morning the father of a student took us to the airport. I was very very very unhappy ! because I had met the best friends I have ever meet in my life. I will never forget them and they will always be in my heart ! I promised to go and meet them again in the summer. I would like thank my teachers Mrs Latempa and Mr Marrocco , the principal and the secretary and all those that made this experience possible and really hope to repeat this unforgettable experience , because it is the best trip I have ever done.
Thank you my Portuguese, Polish,Greek, Italian and Turkish friends,

By Souktani Mohamed

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Poland internship

 In Poland I got a very warm welcome. Each person who I met was so nice and friendly… even if I was with huge luggage in a big city at the wrong station at 3 a.m. There were always people who helped me. So one of the first feelings I had was feeling of safety!
Torun is the birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, in list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gothic architecture, the spirit of Teutonic Knigths, live music, cozy pubs, gingerbread and ice-cream – this is atmosphere of Torun’s streets. Great, isn't it?
My internship was in Ecological Organization, where I participated in the development of scenarios and preparation of events open to the residents.
My colleague and I lived in a hotel of the recreation complex where the organization and forest school worked and a lot of events took place. Moreover, I could learn hotel administration at practice. So home, work, study and distraction – all this activities were so interesting and …in one single place! =)
Although we were only two interns, we didn't feel all alone at. From the first step at the train station till the last hugs on the same station we were surrounded with AIESEC-ers (those 24/7 funny and smiling people) and interns from other projects. And with these GREAT PEOPLE are connected my most vivid and precious memories. Together we traveled through Poland and reached the Baltic Sea, partied hard and spent a wonderful time.
Communicating with a whole bunch of different people (now I know at least one person from each continent  ), quest for a common language with them, other country’s life and culture, splendid cities and landscape – it was an amazing trip and fantastic experience! I want one more time! =)

By Olga Neamtu