Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Austria - mountains and cities

I like to travel. It has the power to remind me of the beauty and wonder that surround us which we can easily forget while too involved in the uproar of our daily lives. But this very beauty is what keeps us optimistic and full of the joy of life. These feelings are extremely important to live a happy live.

Of the European countries I have visited lately, one which impressed me a lot is Austria. I visited it in the summer and, although there was no snow in the mountains, what I saw in there dazzled me, and I would now include it in my list of favorite countries. So, what is it that I liked about Austria? Well, a lot of things.
First of all, the Austrian culture is rich and deeply rooted in its people and society. Proof of the importance of Austria’s people are the old architectural artworks that have not only survived hundreds of years of wars and changing environments, but also look like they were built last year.

There is also an impressive agenda of cultural events which take place weekly and sometimes daily in Vienna and other cities of the country. These events are always very well organised and coordinated, thus there is a sense of quality every such event. But Austrian people do not only organise good events, they like to see quality everywhere around, from their work and home environments, to the wild nature and the hills that cover the whole country, as even their meadows are richly full.

Austria is a country which can serve as an example not only to a developing country like ours, but also to other developed western countries.  Austria is the result of hundreds of years of history. Its monuments stand as proof of the history of its people and its cities are at the heart of newest technologies and the latest developments. It is a country that must be visited by every traveller and every person who wants to learn from this successful country to make their own country better.

By Zadnipru Maria
Chisinau, Moldova

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